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The Manor  

Is a residence full of Charm and History. The building is wonderfully exposed, surrounded by  a splendid park of lawns and welcoming shades. It opens on a beautiful and endless panorama.


"When you follow the road from Cancon to Villeneuve, along the hight plateaux,notice a little castle on your right; it is Roquegautier......
Admire first the marvellous site; it overlooks the faraway valleys down to the  Lot plain,lonely like a lost sentry watching the enemy coming in the plain
Quote from the 1880 Lucien MASSIP'S notice about the Roquegautier's Lords

Six centuries of history   The castle was probably built in the 15th century by Jehan de Boyssonade.
It belonged then to the Saint Etienne de Monibal parish.. The Roquegautier Lordship (Gautier's rock or Roque Gautier at differents times)remains in the family until the beginning of the 17th century when the 'de Bourgoin" family takes possession. Then the De Galaup family will own it.  

  When it was built, the castle had nine towers. It was modified during the 18th century to keep only three towers and enlarge the outbuildings.By the end of the 19th century, more changes are made. Doors and windows are modified and an outside (elevated) galery is created along the front of the castle. An octogonal tower is added. 

             The swimming pool

 The Manor's pool is 20 x 40 foot

The Park
         Protected from the sun by ancient trees, you'll be able   to have a rest in the park while looking at the magnificant view on the lot valley and its hillsides.
        The seasons offer their most beautiful fineries, the landscape colours changing by the day ......

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